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Good 4 Business

As a Global Family, PZ Cussons is not only concerned about our own employees, but also the local communities where we operate - it's all part of our Good 4 Business principles. These principles are driven by the passion to get involved and help our local communities, charities and organisations with sustainable projects and initiatives.

As a caring company we support our community partners and encourgae our employees to get involved too. It’s not just about donating funds, we believe in hands-on helping, finding sustainable solutions to enhance lives and secure futures. Whether it’s time out for volunteering or offering our expertise to help an organisation, it’s important to us that we can contribute to making a real difference.

Outside of our official community partnerships, our employees are passionate about helping a range of charities and community initiatives across the globe and we are proud to support them in their endeavours.  It’s all part of our Good 4 Business principles and our CAN DO culture, and a chance for our employees to create a more rewarding career for themselves with the support of the organisation.

Good 4 Business is, however, not just about charity. As a responsible organisation we aim to make a positive impact through the products which we sell, the way in which our products are designed, manufactured and packaged and through the contributions we make to the communities in which we operate